Junior Calibration Technician

Posting Date: October 26, 2016

About the Position
The Junior Calibration Technician will apply knowledge of measurement science, mathematics, physics, and electronics to calibrate, inspect, measure, and test equipment in the DC/Low Frequency, RF/Microwave, Avionics, and Time & Frequency disciplines to ensure measurement accuracy. The Junior Calibration Technician will identify and utilize appropriate manual and automated measurement procedures, to accomplish this tasking.

This position will normally receive general instructions on work, applying job skills, company policies and procedures to complete a variety of tasks, including working on assignments that are semi-routine in nature where ability to recognize deviation from accepted practice is required. The Junior Calibration Technician will perform laboratory housekeeping and may be asked to report opinions and interpretations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Calibrate measurement, and test equipment in order to ensure compliance with published specifications
    Maintain secondary and/or working calibration standards
  2. Perform basic maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of precision equipment
  3. Collect, compile, measure, summarize, and record data gathered during calibration
  4. Identify out-of-tolerance conditions and perform corrective action via adjustments, component replacement, correction factors, etc
  5. Identify and correct measurement errors, as applicable
  6. Prepare calibration reports and certificates
  7. Adapt existing calibration equipment, standards, and techniques to accomplish unique measurement tasks for which they are not principally used.
  8. Ship and receive customer equipment using various couriers and logistics companies.
  9. Interact with other technicians, Customer Service Representatives, Account Managers, and customers
  10. Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned


  1. Minimum, Diploma in electronics related field
  2. Must possess good written and oral, communication skills
  3. Basic ability to troubleshoot repair, align and optimize precision equipment
  4. Basic computer skills
  5. Proficient in use of MS Word and Excel
  6. Must have very good interpersonal and customer service skills
  7. Strong attention to details
  8. Preferred experience in shipping/receiving
  9. Preferred knowledge in programming/scripting
  10. Good soldering skills
  11. Understanding of RF and wireless concepts

About the Company
Started in 2003, PLC Electronic Solutions is a Vancouver based wireless/avionics test equipment calibration laboratory and robotics systems manufacturer. The calibration laboratory of PLC Electronic Solutions specializes in calibrating and repairing test equipment that is manufactured by Aeroflex, HP Agilent, Anritsu, Tektronix, Fluke, Rohde & Schwarz and other top brands.

Our lab technicians have the ability to service many types of instruments that are no longer supported by the original manufacturers, thereby providing customers with a valuable resource for repairs on legacy equipment for which service manuals and schematics are no longer available.

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